Couture Blowout is committed to sustainability. Luxury fashion consignment allows luxury pieces a second life. Consigning keeps fashion pieces out of landfills and saves them from collecting dust abandoned in the back of a closet. By keeping items in circulation of the fashion economy, Couture Blowout engages in the circular economy. Couture Blowout’s sustainability practices align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for Better fashion.

Sustainable Development Goal 4 is quality education. Couture Blowout educates shoppers about luxury resale, the circular economy and fashions environmental impact. By sharing this knowledge Couture Blowout teaches shoppers how their fashion purchases impact the environment.

Sustainable Development Goal 12 is responsible consumption and production. By encouraging consumers to consign and shop secondhand, Couture Blowout is encouraging consumers to responsibly participate in the fashion economy.

Sustainable Development Goal 9 is industry, innovation and infrastructure. Couture Blowout’s role in the circular economy and fashion economy disrupts the current fashion industry model of buying new and discarding. Engaging in a second hand economy is innovative and will have long lasting effects on the fashion industry.

Sustainable Development Goal 13 is climate action. By diverting fashion pieces from reaching landfills Couture Blowout is actively contributing to climate mitigation action.

Couture Blowout is a high-end designer resale store nestled in the reaches of Houston’s prestigious River Oaks neighborhood, that, since its opening in 2008, has offered customers runway and couture fashion at fractions of its original price. Couture Blowout also accepts designer consignments of handbags, shoes, jewelry and clothing ranging from US sizes 00-16.

A personal-shopper turned aspiring entrepreneur, the savvy owner has used her keen fashion eye to assemble and curate Couture Blowout’s treasure trove of new and gently-loved luxury goods that span in range from handbags to clothing, jewelry to shoes, and beyond.